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Paint-Out, Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk.

 I was one of two dozen artists invited to take part in the inaugural 'Paint-Out Wells' in Norfolk, UK. It was an enjoyable art festival with lots of additional events and interesting locations and some well-known UK artists. 

The famous Norfolk Broads have been an inspiration to many British landscape painters for over 200 years. Like Holland, it lacks the mountains and valleys often considered the stuff of landscape art. Instead, it seems the truth is, it is all about sky and light.

Afternoon walk along the Dyke, Wells. Oil on panel 12" x 9"
Afternoon walk along the Dyke, Wells. Oil on panel 12" x 9"


 Another painting from the Paint-Out Wells event showing people out for a stroll along a dyke. The protective sea wall runs from Wells harbour about a mile out towards pinewoods where there are very many brightly painted beach-huts.

These colourful huts often feature on posters and postcards of Wells. On my way out to take a look at the huts, I joined a procession of walkers and their dogs taking the fresh air and stopped to paint this scene of figures silhouetted against a bright summer sky.

Painting in Crete May 2015.    

In May this 2015 I took a painting trip to Crete with  my painting buddy, Paul Maloney. Crete is a painters' paradise of mountains and monasteries, blue sea, beaches, flowers, good food and wine. Architecture at the western end of the island is influenced by the Venetians who once held it as an important Aegean base. Now it is a base for Ryanair.

     Artists from northern Europe on a painting holiday to the sunny Mediterranean soon discover it takes some adjustment of the palette to capture the strong light and rich colour. That is all part of the fun and the challenge.

     During the week, we happened upon UK artist, Roger Dellar and his wife Lynn. Roger had been teaching a course in Chania and we enjoyed a couple of days painting in their company.

     As a place to paint, I would recommend Crete to anyone. May and September/October are probably the best months to visit. Paintings from the trip are on a page 'Crete'. 

Noordwijk 2014

In June 2014 I returned from a painting trip to Holland where I took part in the Noordwijk Schilderfestival and received the Rembrandt Painting Award sponsored by Dutch art materials manufacturer, Royal Talens. The event has been run for 14 years in the seaside town of Noordwijk, south of Amsterdam and this year 50 invited artists took part from the Netherlands and other countries. The event was great fun to take part in and very well run.

An additional prize is to be invited, along with five other award-winning artists, to exhibit a number of works in the newly opened Galerie B. Below is the poster and I'm delighted it features one of my paintings - even though it isn't particularly seasonal! 

Among the paintings I posted for the show are 4 still-lifes, including the above small painting  of a beetroot. I turn to still-life painting in the winter when the evenings are short and you can work longer on a group of objects under studio lighting. 


For more getting started videos, check out Jimdo's YouTube channel.